We flavor our kombucha with whole, sweet fruit, herbs and flowers—never juice, flavorings, or sugar. Because that’s what we’d want for our family, too.

At Compassion Kombucha we allow the kombucha to draw flavor from organic ingredients in their purest form, and then we simply filter what remains. We believe there is no substitute for the clean, vibrant, and deeply fruited flavors that result.


elevating people and the planet every step of the way

We are proud to brew Compassion Kombucha with premium Elephant Friendly Certified teas from small farms in India. Grown using organic practices, these farmers have committed to not just honoring their consumers health but also that of the elephants which are able to freely roam through the tea plantations without fear of fences, harmful pesticides, or human conflict. This reduction in conflict is keeping families healthy and whole - both for elephants and humans.


Keeping it steel and sustainable

While we know materials have come a long way, we have made a commitment to keep our production plastic free. From brewing and fermentation, to kegs and bottling, our kombucha remains in stainless steel vessels or glass bottles. They are reusable, washable, and we know that our living product and consumers will remain free of any potential contamination.